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Is situated in the Guérande Peninisula about fifteen kilometres from La Baule and thirty or so from the town of  Saint-Nazaire. This sardine fishing le port is also has a pleasure boat marina and is considered to be part of ‘le pays de Brière’. Its long beach of golden sand, ‘La Grande-Falaise’, looks out over  ‘la  Rade du Croisic’, and is linked to Pen-Bron and its ‘centre marin’ by a shuttle-ferry.  It is an ideal place for sailing between the salt marshes and the ‘petit traict’ (seawater inlet) of Le Croisic. La Turballe started life as a hamlet of a few dwellings at the summit of the sand dunes.  It quickly expanded during the XIXth century when fishermen came to settle here and with the development of the canning industry.  Today the staff of the local museum reveal with pride the maritime heritage of this village.  La Turballe is today still a thriving fishing port, with its recently completely renovated fish auction hall.  Come and discover this fascinating industry by following one of the guided tours on offer.  Not far from the port is the coastal path from which cyclists can admire the wild landscape from the safety of a dedicated cycle-path which follows the coastline.