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« Nantes, peut-être avec Paris la seule ville de France où j'ai l'impression que peut m'arriver quelque chose qui en vaut la peine » (Nantes along with Paris maybe, is the only town in France where I feel can ‘experience’ things that are worth ‘living’) thus spoke the surrealist poet and writer Breton. The surrealists adopted the town of Nantes as their own, Demy shot his film Lola here, Turner painted it, it was here that Verne dreamed up his adventures.  Nantes, is today the capital of  Les Pays de la Loire, formerly the stronghold of Les Ducs de Bretagne, it is a multifaceted metropolis bursting with a remarkable history to be discovered. A veritable melting pot of multicultural influences and creativity this  port town nestled between La Loire and L’Erdre, is to be discovered by venturing from one ‘quarter’ to the next.  Some of these areas open out towards the land others onto the estuary, each with its own unique ambiance:  Feydeau, Graslin, Decré, Bouffay.  Their names will become familiar to you as you take a stroll around their streets.  


The city of Nantes is in a state of perpetual evolution…ever turned towards the future…its dynamism nourished by the major events and actors of its past and present:  the colonial trade, it is home to the famous manufacturers Le Petit LU, Choco BN, the Cassegrain canneries, the breathtaking mechanical and artistic works of des Machines de l’Île, Royal de Luxe and the inspiring musical event of  La Folle Journée.