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La Côte Sauvage

From Le Pouliguen to Le Croisic, the cliffs, caves and rocks line the contours of the coastline out over the vastness of the ocean.  La Côte Sauvage is an ideal route to follow stopping along the way to discover the richness and diversity of the local heritage.  Including the beach at Port-Lin, the headland ‘la Pointe du Fort’ and the Menhir of ‘la Pierre-Longue’ at Le Croisic, la plage Valentin, la Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Mûrier, the church of Saint-Guénolé at Batz-sur-Mer, the beaches of ‘Pen-Bron’ and la plage des Bretons at La Turballe.  Along the way be sure to visit the Océarium at Le Croisic or the Musée des marais salants of Batz-sur-Mer and stop off to discover the traditional local towns and villages of La Turballe, Le Pouliguen and Le Croisic. The rugged and wild coastline of La Côte Sauvage attracts those of us who will brave the weather conditions no matter how rough they may be.  It provides an exceptional site for scuba diving in its ‘fish rich’ and often tumultuous waters – solitary adventurers be warned do not allow yourself to be hypnotized by ‘her’ charms.